Sunday, February 24, 2019

Any day... (Day 767)

You can hear it coming if you close your eyes 

and allow yourself to grow still   

allow yourself to become 

transparent   an open window

like a gale   a storm   a two a.m. freight train 

rumbling inexorably in the middle distance   

you can hear it coming    any day   any day   

any day now   and try   cry   plug your ears 

as you might   there is nothing you can do 

to change its course   

it is tattooed with your name 

it knows the indented shape your restless head 

leaves on that gold satin pillowcase 

it is intimate with the quickening of your heart 

when you wonder 

it has mined the bitter ore of your fear 

and grown rather fond of the work

to your credit   you never think    

not even for a moment   that a change of track 

will derail what is already underway   

arriving any day   any day now   because   

no matter what all those slick sleek people say   

you know better   you’re no fool

and you can hear it coming

(c) 2018, by Hannah Six

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