Monday, January 28, 2019

A feathered thing (Day 740)

That thing has feathers 
for a reason   it flies away 
away   toward the green hills 
or the brown   over fences 
and stands of trees   past 
where those soldiers lay in rows   
or where they fell   scattered 
like petals   like stones 
that thing has feathers to fly 
into the golden sun as it rises 
as it sets   through lavender 
banks of clouds    against gales   
storms   fierce burning sleet 
flies toward the south  the east 
toward distant mountains 
crystalized in shimmering air
and strange warm seas 
where shadows sink and swim  
but   though it perches here 
and there  I often glimpse it 
flying away   its song 
receeding   trickling 
into the blue  blue distance  

In response to Emily Dickinson
(c) 2019, by Hannah Six

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