Monday, December 31, 2018

Piece by Piece (Day 712)

Romancing the boxes, she packs,

piece by piece, wrapping

each memory, a bubble 

of tissue and plastic cushioning them

against the bruising realities to come.

A life, reduced now to small things:

   A photo of her mother and father

   vacationing, remarkably child-free, 

   by a sun-gilded sea

   The figurine, rendered in porcelain,

   of a young girl in a hoop-skirted, lace- 

   ruffled ballgown the color of jonquils

   A small, carved-jade box, just larger than 

   her palm, containing her entire collection

   of jewelry, seldom worn, much-loved

   The set of jewel-toned, cut-crystal 

   cordial glasses, from which she sipped 

   grape juice as a child

Now, building her wall, brick by brick,

she carefully stows and stacks, each layer 

adding a new echo to these once-bustling 

rooms, her mind quietly wandering, pacing 

the years, back and forth, west to east, 

and westward again, leading her 

along a footworn pathway toward 

the sun-gilded sea, and home.

(c) 2018, by Hannah Six

Image: MaxPixel

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