Friday, November 2, 2018

The yes-or-no of it (Day 653)

It’s not the yes-or-no of it

The just-not-letting-go of it

The utter crying shame of it 

   is somewhere in between

It’s not the right or wrong of it

The that-one-can’t-belong of it

We shouldn’t have to fight for it

   in our democracy

He’s a bastard  she’s a bitch

Those dirty poor  these filthy rich

Opposing views entrenched in rage

This is Real Life  not some soundstage

It’s not the red or blue of it

The them/us/me/or you of it

Our hearts do know the truth of it

We’re just not listening

(c) 2018 by Hannah Six

Image: Cygne attaqué par un chien (1745), Jean-Baptiste Oudry, oil on canvas

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