Sunday, October 21, 2018

Reception (Day 641)

we can leave all that heavy botany to the minors
in a few years’ time I’ll symbolize an extravagant 
woman whose starry love veil features hundreds 
of millinery details I suppose one could feel better 
in Europe but he you had no idea how to start the 
aircraft was seen taking off at her most feminine
a canary who followed this fashion-forward look 
mellowed on an ungent noontide limbus we birds 
of the local variety I cannot change how vast how 
wide our hive is fortunately warming now I face 
the possibility in a progression that goes roughly
like a Bohemian wedding veils adorned love with 
variety of chromatic birds they claim were only 
owned by the rich who you harness spirit of place 
for each sight heaven let us die of loneliness try 
to find a tune you won’t regret will want to use

(2018) by Hannah Six

Image: Blake Newman/Pexels

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