Sunday, September 2, 2018

Poets and Pastors (Day 592)

cowboys and cops 
always knew 
how close we come 
to the edge when 
a round white coin 
of moon is pasted 
amidst a collage of 
pinpoint stars 
(or when some astral 
body or other is in 

they understood how 
a tsunami of insanity 
awakens and rolls  
day by day
continent by continent 
sweeping everything in 
its path into a frothing 
fury of purifying fear 

but now? 

now it takes more than 
a white-hatted hero with 
a smart horse to fathom 
the fantastic truth 
embedded in this 
paper-moon world where 
up is down  unless it is up
where facts are fake and 
fiction is autobiographical 

now even philosophers
poets and pastors 
struggle to explain 
all of the needful people  
needlessly suffering 
in the fountaining dawn 
of (what must surely be)
our twilight years

(c) 2018, by Hannah Six

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