Monday, February 19, 2018

When You Rise (Day 397)

When you rise above 
the clouds  say hello 
to the blue for me
memorize its myriad 
hues and shades from 
ice to indigo  tell me if 
you can see the stars 
when you look up or 
if they are hidden by that 
golden light warming 
your flushed cheeks  rest 
a moment on 
the terrible wind 
that bears you aloft 
and look down on 
the soft undulations of 
the sea stretching like 
bleached cotton sheets 
beneath you  only the quilts 
on our shared bed 
can enfold you as softly  
only my arms support you 
with the strength of that 
high gale and 
the roughest tides 
of time we long to sail 
together will quiet when 
you are near again

(c) 2018, by Hannah Six

Image: macayran via Pixabay

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