Sunday, December 3, 2017

Roy G. Biv, Pt. 1: Red (Day 319)

“I’m gonna turn back the clock,” Roy said,
“Or those Liberals’ll paint us Commie red!
Let’s go back to the days of old
When men wore guns, and coal was gold!”

“I’ll build a wall from sea to sea!
They’ll pay the bill, for us it’s free.
It’ll keep us in, and keep them out!”
The crowd cheered so, he had to shout.

“Those nasty women should be banned.
They dare presume to take a stand?
While, we’re at it, Muslims, too—
‘Cause we know what they plan to do!”

Soon, chants arose, of: “Lock her up!”
Rebel flags flew from pick-up trucks.
At racist rallies, all seats were filled.
In Charlottesville, a girl was killed.

Unbelievably, voters believed his lies,
And democracy, in darkness, dies.

(c) 2017, by Hannah Six

Image: “To begin with, I’ll paint the town red” 
A political cartoon by Grant E Hamilton, 1885
US Library of Congress via Wikimedia

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