Thursday, January 17, 2019

Try to imagine (Day 729)

Try to imagine 
   how it felt at the time  
quiet  complicated afternoons 
   sidling up to the jukebox 
playing Journey and painting 
panoramic pictures of the bay   
nibbling on Twix  curiosity 
   and imagination   carefree  
empty hands slippery with clay  
relationships rigid with freedom
instinctive  obssessive  wild 
like a hundred little campfires 
   on broad damp beaches

(c) 2019, by Hannah Six
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

How it all became clear (Day 728)

How your day was 
crystalline  gulping
great mouthfuls of cold
along the way 
to your end   
of a snow-muted rainbow

How it all became
clear   wind-scoured
clouds lightened
violet mountains resting 
on layers of bare trees

How  like a Japanese quilt   
it was   tinted every delicate 
shade of taupe   edged 
with mauve
in the melancholy 
manner of winter 

(c) 2019, by Hannah Six
Image: Pixabay

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A brief observation (Day 727)

Patriarchy’s downfall, 

it seems, is giving birth 

to the violence that seeps 

in around the edges 

of men’s fear and anger. 

(c) 2019, by Hannah Six

Image: Sarah Stiercb/Wikimedia Commons

Monday, January 14, 2019

Don’t shine your golden light on my rained-out parade (Day 726)

Please don’t shine your golden light 
on my rained-out parade. Your sunshine 
is my shade. Rather than brightening my day,
that glare in my eyes highlights the darkness 
around me—darkness you cannot see—and 
throws my world’s defects into sharper contrast. 
When the peaks of my spirit are enshrouded
by heavy gray clouds, please don’t tell me 
you see only a glimmering rosy mist. 
I promise you: I can tell the difference.
Instead, whether I am mired in the mud of 
an internal swamp or splashing momentarily 
through a puddle of dog piss, 
trust me enough to be honest with me. 
Agree with me that life can be unfair. 
Send me some love (or some chocolate). 
Take me somewhere outside these four walls, 
and let me walk for a while in a world 
not of my own devising, where we can talk 
about window displays, children’s toys, 
or nothing at all. Because sometimes 
saying nothing is the best gift there is.
(And, truly, wouldn’t that be easer for you, too?)
Yes. Next time my parade is rained out, because 
this is real life and there will likely be a next time, 
please: Buy a ticket and join me, or sit that one out. 
Because there isn’t room in the exquisitely verdant, 
complexly-shaded forest of my current life 
for the papier maché trees of too-easy answers. 

(c) 2019, by Hannah Six

Set design by Alexandre Benois (1870-1960) for Pavillon d'Armide, 
Harvard Theatre Collection, Houghton Library, Harvard University 
via Wikimedia Commons

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Loosely Twined (Day 725)

loosely twined   pearls  

around fingers   cat 

around ankles   crossed and uncrossed   

silk shadow creases 

in corners and edges 

of light   pools spreading   splashing 

against walls unpainted   red by now  

where figures pose unposed   

gathered symbiotically   

without thought to the whims 

of creation  or creators 

whose needs were irrelevent anyhow

(c) 2019, by Hannah Six

Image: Delphin Enjolras, Evening Party

Via Wikimedia Commons

Saturday, January 12, 2019

The next stop (Day 724)

back and forth  wind-scrubbed rush  

arms laden   low-slung day-glo faces 

intent on the next stop   dragging 

children off their feet  leashed 

dogs straining toward each other  

leaning in to greet a new day’s odors 

and savor the contraband traces 

of a foreign land called Night

(c) 2019, by Hannah Six

Image: Garry Knight 

via Wikimedia Commons

Friday, January 11, 2019

Fishing for Words (Day 723)

Slippery as trout, 
and evasive, they 
won’t come, 
won’t show themselves
in the light of (this) day. 
Deep in the shady pools, 
they turn and hover, 
suspended, expectant,
unwilling to emerge 
into the foreign air 
and, perhaps, die
there, on the page. 

(c) 2019, by Hannah Six
Image: Jacob W Frank/US NPS

Thursday, January 10, 2019

From the Square (Day 722)

darkness twitters, shrieks. 
Soft mist twirls among the trunks 
    of sunbleached columns, joyous 
dancers, poetic slips of orange 
    and gold, seek the gaze
—souvenir trinkets, blazing, blinding—
shivering, the crowd, once boistrous, 
    trickles from the square.

(c) 2019, by Hannah Six
Image: MaxPixel

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Generous (Day 721)

generous roots spread east and west   
spring frail sunlight seeps through 
iron clouds whose massive sighs 
bend each minute into hours 
twist involuntary showers of twigs from 
winter roosts and send them hurtling  
bird-like  toward the silent path below

(c) 2019, by Hannah Six
Image: Dan19878/Pixabay

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Insistent (720)

insistent    winter 
showers’ campfire crackle 
in strands of crisp brown leaves
tapping   tapping 
the shoulders of reticent 
January woods   consider 
the fullness of 
each shining drop   
each gentle touch   deep  dusky  
subterranean whisper
wake up   wake up

(c) 2019, by Hannah Six
Image: LwcyDesign/Pixabay

Monday, January 7, 2019

Hush (719)

hush    hush
the walls said   don’t 
wake the sleeping ear   
she’s not supposed to 
know   it seems she’s not 
supposed to hear   remember 
the way the silence crept
the way the darkness
kept its secrets close 
as enemies 
in halflight: truth   
in daylight: dreams

(c) 2019, by Hannah Six
Image: Lucas de Lara/Pexels

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Suburban (Day 718)

like a flippant roommate  poverty 


   beyond affluent suburbs  

where  in exposed brick corners  giggling 

gangs of butter-blonde 

   drugstore sirens 

hoard generous roots amid 

   the barbed-wire 

      of deconstructed personalies 

(c) 2019, by Hannah Six

Image: Niko Lienata/Pexels

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Friday, January 4, 2019

How We Feel (Day 716)

I want to tell you how I    how we   feel
   when you        but when 
I open my hand    all the words fly    out    
   the way yours do     
and away    disappearing    the way    
   I wish yours would

(c) 2019, by Hannah Six

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Your Desire for Snow (Day 715)

when April sun sparks 

your desire for snow    

when you rail silently 

no more no more no 

when damp gray days 

tumble like gravel 

crushing you beneath 

their fog-blurred hours    

empty yet you are not 

there yet you must be 

grab them yes force them 

yes back into their proper 

places or dwell forever 

in a shower of April sun 

longing for cold blue light

(c) 2019, by Hannah Six

Image: keialein/Pixabay

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Like a curtain (Day 714)

Remember this          afternoon falling
feeling something     like a curtain
more than                   the leaves 
you know                    how they tremble

(c) 2019, by Hannah Six

Image: Harald Oskar Sohlberg, Fisherman’s Cottage (1907)

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A page, turned (Day 713)

A page, turned, in a silent room,
abrades the thin, taut air 

A broad, Shakespearean stage whisper, 
complete with wink and smile

All the while, leviathan clouds traverse 
the sky, without a trace of sound

(c) 2019, by Hannah Six
Image: MaxPixel