Sunday, July 8, 2018

A Very Opinionated Lady, Part 2 (Day 536)

II. Macaroons

“When Francis and I went to Paris 
everybody told us you have to 
go to this fancy French bakery 
and try their macaroons—except they 
all said it that funny French way. 
Well, the first day we found the bakery, 
and the macaroons were pretty, even if 
they were probably full of toxic food 
coloring. But, oh! The price! And they 
didn’t even taste like real macaroons!
Not like those good old-fashioned 
ones we have here, you know, the round 
ones, with coconut? My grandmother
absolutely loved those! Well, I don’t know 
what everyone was raving about. 
But far be it from me to complain when 
I’m in a foreign country. So. I just said, 
‘Francis (because I never did like to call 
him Frank, you know), there’s just 
no accounting for taste!’ Funny, though... 
He didn’t seem to mind. He finished 
every one of those cookies.”

(c) 2018, by Hannah Six

Macarons via Pixabay
Macaroons via Wikimedia Commons

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