Tuesday, May 22, 2018

What I Am Not (Day 489)

I am not a Japanese Tea Garden.
I am a radiant beam of light.

I am not a tortilla chip.
I am a cup of coffee, black.

I am not an endless pity-party.
I am a reading light by a comfortable 
   chair on an early-winter evening.

I am not wandering down 
    the lane and far away.
I am looking at the moon. 

I am not a new pair of shoes that 
   make you run faster, jump higher.
I am a knitted sweater starting 
   to unravel under the left arm.

I am not Brussels’ Musée du cacao et 
   du chocolat.
I am an open bottle of coriander-scented 
   lotion from the Georgetown Kiehl’s.

I am not your favorite YA book ever.
I am a sleepless, sweaty August night
   without air conditioning.

I am not anyone’s president, elected 
   or otherwise.
I am someone who would have done 
   a much better job.

I am not a writer of stories and poems.
I am the language they speak.

(c) 2018, by Hannah Six
Image: David Ohmer/Flickr

Stardust, lyrics: Mitchell Parish  
I’ll Be Seeing You, lyrics: Irving Kahal 

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