Thursday, May 17, 2018

Angry Enough (Day 484)

Like an itch 
makes you   angry
enough to scratch

until tiny gems of blood 
emerge  shining 
on your tender skin

this tingling   cramping 
in your hands   
your lips tighten  

and your fists 
long for contact with
the magnificent world

to reverse wrongs
to elide injustices
to make an indentation

of your own
an irritable anxiety rises 
in your throat   wont go 

tomorrow   or the next
day   go to bed
your dreams nag 

nag nag at the back 
of your mind   there is no 
escape  it will still be there 

when you wake
choking   teeth clenched 
against stupidity 

and ignorance that
swirl like smoke   now
secondhand in your lungs

vicarious vertigo  narrowing 
around your neck   
nooselike   under watery

streetlights   helplessness—
thats the real problem 
isn’t it   you  

enraged   you 
small   and alone
what can you do? 

(c) 2018, by Hannah Six

Image: US Dept of Agriculture

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