Saturday, March 10, 2018

Very Few Women (Day 416)

Very few women my age 
worked with visionaries. 
We were too busy: talking, 
frosting birthday cakes,
mopping the floors to
a mirrorlike finish. Really, 
being a housewife was
a very big deal. Respectable. 
My friends and I grew up 
looking forward to keeping 
our own homes. Now, it’s 
called something different: 
domestic engineering.
These young girls today, 
they think they want it all: 
Dating, college, husbands, 
corner-office careers, and 
then the kids, and those 
ridiculous jogging strollers—
they don’t run enough?
We could have done it all,
too, of course, but we 
focused on raising our sons 
and daughters to be less like 
their parents. Well, I for one 
am just glad I was able to be 
there for my children when 
they came home from school. 
The world is different now, 
though, isn’t it? Too expensive. 
And dangerous—all these men 
with guns, shooting everyone! 
Who knows? My turn may be 
next. Or yours. So, we’ll see.

(c) 2018, by Hannah Six

Image: ArtsyBee/Pixabay

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