Monday, March 19, 2018

Up Three Flights (Day 425)

Sandals landing on wooden 
steps like flat palms 
on drums  she runs up three 
flights and knocks back
humid air  thick 
with the scent 
of undergrowth  sweet 
and dark as late-summer 
midnight sweat on clean 
sheets  thinly sliced 
coral from a corner streetlight 
falling through bamboo shades 
across the bed  and his head 
less peaceful  less quiet 
than she knew  on the pillow 
for now anyway  a place to rest 
her mind when the present 
feels too sharp  because 
understanding is worth 
the effort  but you don’t always 
have to do it in the dark

(c) 2018, by Hannah Six

Edited image found on Pexels

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