Friday, March 9, 2018

High Noon, Parts 1–4 (Day 415)

It's like pointing 
to a burning building 
and yelling “Snow!”
An emergency 
of cheap vodka 
and small sterile men
of vocal fry 
and more than 8,000 
California sea lions 
residing on Sri Lanka’s 
southernmost shore. 

Some talk about 
policy, about the need 
for studies of studies 
and committees 
to study the studies.
Others (predictably)
will blame 
the hordes 
of unconverted, 
whose mere longing 
sullies the very idea 
of heaven.

Nature’s death 
threats heartily ignored,
we, the unwilling, 
find ourselves 
the world burn 
down, which is, after all,
easier and more 
than taking action 
to offset our ignorance.

Less painful, too, 
than acknowledging 
no planetary fire 
escape exists, no 
grand galaxial 
firefighters coming 
to rescue us,
to quell the flames 
lapping at our hearts
and our bare toes, 
as we stand 
on the shore, waving 
goodbye to 
yet another day.

(c) 2018, by Hannah Six

Image: Moss covered lava field, Grindavik, Iceland, Chris Ford/Flickr

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