Saturday, March 24, 2018

Have You Ever (Day 430)

Have you ever come home exhausted from a trip 
to the grocery store right before Thanksgiving, 
having fought crowds of last-minute shoppers 
and carried in bag after bag of ingredients for
the feast—and dropped the bag of flour you just
bought to make pie crusts? The whoompf when 
it lands, the explosion of powder that covers 
everything and hangs in the air for hours so, 
as soon as you finish cleaning, every surface is 
once more covered in a white film that turns to 
glue when it comes in contact with water...?

You are that everlasting cloud.

Have you ever stumbled into the kitchen to make 
coffee at some ungodly hour, barely able to see, 
only to find a damp mass of yesterday’s grounds 
fermenting in the brewing basket? Wrinkling your 
nose at the oddly ashtray-like odor as you upend 
the filter into the trash, you manage to miss the bag 
entirely. Fine grains of wet coffee scatter, bead-like,
onto your bare feet and the kitchen floor, finding 
the most arbitrary and unreachable hiding spots, 
and crunching underfoot for days...?

You are those day-old grounds.

Have you ever invited a friend to dinner at your 
new home, freshly decorated in airy shades of cream 
and white, shown him to your favorite Italian-leather 
chair, handed him a glass of pinot noir, and watched 
in horror as he spilled it? He offered to pay all of the 
cleaning bills, but you graciously refused and, when 
he returned for another soirée, he exclaimed about 
how everything looked as good as new! (Because, you 
did not say, it is.). Once again, he relaxed into his seat, 
and once more his blood-red wine landed with a 
sickening splat on your white wool carpet, thin purple 
veins trickling down the buttery sides of your chair.
Have you gritted your teeth, reassured him, replaced 
your chair and carpet again—and then invited that 
same careless friend back to your pristine home for 
another evening of wine and cheese? No?

Well, my friend, neither have I. 

(c) 2018, by Hannah Six

Image: roegger/Pixabay

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