Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Slowly Resolve (Day 406)

Slowly they resolve 
turning inside out 
right and left   relieved
yet so often 
tremulous   questioning
the possibility 
of knowing what we know
stars bloom around 
their gaping eyes as they strive 
to comprehend
the beigeness of his jacket
his right hand barely holding 
little gray shards 
of streets   they see how it is
harder to think
up a suitable answer in the blank 
whiteness   to navigate a path 
pinkened by windblown 
cherry blossoms
in crestfallen octaves 
they fall away   
evening’s incongruously empty 
sidewalks heightening 
their anxiety   sending them 
into the breech   its fury 
swirling and whipping their dreams 
into wild white horses 

(c) 2018, by Hannah Six

Image: public domain/PxHere

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