Saturday, February 10, 2018

Emigrée of Western Skies (Day 388)

high above a metaphysical 
sea the color of a Greek 
fairytale deep as poetry
considering the place  
where you woke yesterday

there you sat in solitude 
humming sinuous  
seaweed songs to the waves 
and to yourself 
(using the unpronouncable 
name you bore 
before you were born) 

emigrée of western skies
defeated by 
the patriarchy and 
the strictures of technology
eyes closed against 
the coffeepot the doorbell 
and your neighbor’s funeral 
next Friday

love the crone 
who sings you home
whose candle flickers 
and softens belligerent day 
into well-mannered evening
like a bay relaxing 
into a wide half moon 
as if the shore 
disowned the world

neither here nor there
you will find yourself 
back in the air 
yours the voice of paradise 
abundant language and 
tempestuous tales of blue 
shark-shadowed water

(c) 2018, by Hannah Six
Image: Pixabay

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