Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Cleaning Party: A poem and a prompt for Day 398

After writing and posting nearly 400 poems in as many days, I’m not afraid to admit to the occasional lack of inspiration—or energy. When that happens, I fall back on an ever-evolving collection of favorite prompts/games/tools. 

Today, for instance, I took a trip to a random word generator, where I collected 28 words (24 the first time, plus an additional four later on). Sometimes I only use six or eight words; it just depends on my mood. I cut and paste the words into a document, and after shuffling, sorting, and adding a word here and there, inspiration (usually) strikes. 

I came up with the following poem this afternoon... I left it quite “raw” to illustrate the process. Ordinarily, I’d build a longer, or more polished, piece on this intriguing (to me) skeleton.

Cleaning Party
arms uncovered to 
their elbows
swanky visitors performed 
lively wingstrokes 
with their hands, revealing 
fabulous details, 
like vintage grates, that render 
the current, homely place 
almost likeable

outdoors, in the winter 
garden, fallacious discussion 
absorbed the bitter jobless, 
sprawled like 
recent memories amongst 
the faded begonias 

(c) 2018, by Hannah Six

Original image: The Preservation Station 

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