Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Weekend Shows (Day 347)

cold toes in wool socks feet
sweating inside slippers that 
clearly aren’t doing their job   
comforting weight of the cat 
spread across my lap from 
knee to thigh folded and 
draped from side to side like 
a sun-warmed blanket 
knitting needles making a trim 
clicking sound when the tips 
graze and nubbly yarn turning
into fabric as it slips through 
my fingers   spicy floral tea 
growing lukewarm in a pottery 
mug painted by a mystery artist 
in an intricate pattern of blue 
flowers and green leaves that 
remind me the world will not
always remain frigid and gray
conversation on the radio in calm 
public-broadcasting voices so 
familiar they are almost like friends
—the ones I saw every day when 
I lived and worked in a city I loved—
though since That Man took office 
I’ve had to bar even NPR from 
my house during the work-week
because they never stop talking 
about him for an instant from 
Monday to Friday dwelling on 
the most bitter upsetting news
and in that way they aren’t really 
like my old friends at all

(c) 2018, by Hannah Six

Image: From Radio World magazine, 1923
via Wikimedia Commons

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