Monday, December 4, 2017

Roy G. Biv, Pt. 2: Orange (Day 320)

The country awoke from its autumnal haze
Exurbs were elated, the suburbs unfazed.
As an old southern dynasty from New York City
Moved into the White House, we drew the world’s pity

Roy hit the ground running, his pen charged with ink,
Signed executive orders faster than he could think.
And the apathy that had infected the land
Dissolved in the face of repeals and bans.

Soon rumors arose of a modern Resistance.
And pussy grabbed back, despite the insistence,
Of a bunch of old White men on Capitol Hill,
That society’s downfall began with The Pill.

In blue-collar cities, and hungry coal towns,
Where the people believed that they’d been let down
By a government in which they barely took part— 
Folks insisted Roy had their best interests at heart.

Still, a question tormented those skilled at detection:
Had Roy slept with the Russians to win the election?

(c) 2017, by Hannah Six

Note: This is Part Two of a seven-part series. 
You can read Part One here.

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