Friday, October 6, 2017

Who Taught You (Day 261)

where do you come from
bursting with exuberance
stomping your flat feet to 
scare my gentle smiling 
dog?  who do you go home 
to at night who taught you
that cruelty is the way? you 
may not realize that I see 
you behind your barbed-wire 
fence  eyes flat  laughter 
fierce  it is not hard to imagine 
that you are afraid and 
that I embody the demons 
who frighten you to the 
marrow of your unmarred 
bones  I admire your courage  
how your very walk spits 
in the face of all that is evil 
and against you and I would 
risk my life for you if you were 
in danger  because you are 
my own heart  because I too am 
scared and sad and frustrated 
by our perverse attraction to 
rattling doom and the scorched 
Earth we will bequeath you 
and those who will come later 
and even so I would like to know 
who encouraged a sweet child 
to grow into the kind of man 
who purposely stomps his feet 
to scare my gentle smiling dog? 

(c) 2017 by Hannah Six

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