Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Happy Endings (Day 244)

tragic fiction, happy endings:
flying away 
to some extended-stay hotel 
in some guy’s magic land   
where partly sunny ruins the day

the world is cruel business, see? 
sometimes this strikes me funny 
like laughing at a funeral, death 
do us part

happy few go on forever as 
they start, those poor nine-lives cats 
and breeding bunnies, whose tales 
aren't much worth 
    writing about
        what I don't want to be 
            interested in what I think 

I'm trying to get at, to know, is the truth: 
life just feels more real when 
you drink your coffee from a broken cup, 
when dawn wakes up 
to greet you—you
with the cold dew on your toes

(c) by Hannah Six
Image: aingnamma 

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