Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I Am Cold Weather (Day 223)

Today I am cold weather   damp 
and wind-chimes   after that picturesque 
and uninteresting summer
     What can I say
     Outside cars read the street like Braille 
     running wet fingertips
     over the night she was buried 
and I climbed into my mother's lap 
and she held me 
and I cried
and then she dipped my fingers 
and toes in warm honey
and brought me upstairs 
and tucked me in to bed again
     Gone now   like summer 
and I am wearing thick woolen sweaters 
and socks to warm  
and I'm in bed
     —warm cat cool sheets—
and I miss the days when everything 
     seemed like it would be all right 
     for a while
and we were so happy 
and wet 
and windblown 
     into that narrow restaurant
     in a gust of leaves
and umbrellas insufficient for 
     an oncoming hurricane

(c) 2017, by Hannah Six

Photo: Roman Boed

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