Monday, August 28, 2017

Angels Admitted (Day 222)

In these hours of fascination 
the mountains, running north 
to south to north, have had 
the uncommon good sense—or 
imagination—to admit angels. 
Not to be left out, watery realms 
from oceans to streams also 
extended gracious invitations, 
but leave no doubt about it:
it was the mountains who 
started the trend. Now, when 
the very air seethes with wishes 
and threats, an angel on bended 
knee, can be found in every puddle, 
on every street corner. Do you doubt 
the truth of this? Then drive beyond 
the clipped seams of your cities, 
into a rolling countryside on a cool 
autumn morning. There, in the small 
valleys and gullies, where creeks trickle 
and rivulets flow, you will see, with 
your very own eyes: angels rising 
in ribbons from the earth, and 
on the hushed air, their misty sighs.

(c) 2017, by Hannah Six

Image: CGCowboy

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