Monday, August 21, 2017

After I Left (Day 215)

One week after 
I left, I lay down
on the floor 
on a borrowed futon cushion 
in my new apartment 
in a building that used 
   to be a paper factory 

there were no sheets on my bed
there were no dishes in the kitchen 
there were no curtains on the windows
there were no books on the shelves 
there were no shelves 
there were no lamps

what was there 
was a blue candle 
   with three wicks
   in a wide-mouthed jar 
and a goldfish named Cal, 
   because I loved Cal Ripken,
   baseball hero with eyes like ice
   and a whole lotta heart  

that night, 
after work
after running up 
   the building’s stairs
after blowing out 
   each wick, I lay 
on the floor 
in the dark

and when the demons arrived, 
as expected, right on time,
I closed my eyes 
and listened 
to Cal, sorting through 
the gravel in his bowl, 
sucking up each pebble 
and spitting it out


and was glad for the company

(c) 2017, by Hannah Six

Image: Bowl of Goldfish, by Childe Hassam, 1912

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