Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How Summer Wanders (Day 188)

Evening sank, then, 
when we understood 
how summer wanders. 
Then, when the world 
seemed to flutter 
like plum blossoms 
under April’s spell. 

I thought as much—
I remember, too, 
when the shards 
of frozen days 
pierced our hearts; 
you, silently dismayed. 

Soon, in a different light, 
when summer has been 
well-staged, we may amble 
along the sleeping shore, 
mid-day tide rushing in. 

This will happen. 
And we’ll feast on 
the orchards’ spoils, when 
all is sweet-dripping nectar, 
and dozy, humming bees. 

The size of that night sky, 
laced so finely with stars, 
delicate as lichen patterns 
on an ancient stone wall.
You can take me now, 
if you like, into this sinking 
evening, before it is gone. 

(c) 2017, by Hannah Six

Inspired by "Ich Denke Dein" by JW von Goethe (Untranslated version)

Photo: North of Slaidburn, Donald Judge

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