Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Rather Angry Rant (Day 189)

Fair warning: This poem is neither lovely nor politically correct. Because today, am giving myself permission to speak bluntly. That's one of the benefits of—for now—not being held to the standard of objectivity.

A Rather Angry Rant

And we sit, 
and we watch
while they take,
and expect us
to give them 
so much 
for the sake
of a law 
that doesn’t
protect us all.
Build a wall?
Ban those souls
over there?
You don’t care.
It’s not freedom
or justice
it’s the same 
old prejudice, 
and we, 
the majority, care 
for democracy.
Your wall is 
just smoke,
and your ban 
is a joke, like 
your klannish
reactions to
progressive actions.
We’ll win 
in the end
and rather 
than bend, 
you’ll break, and 
we’ll sweep up 
the shards of 
your sorry ass,
and dump you in
the compost heap
with the rest 
of the trash 
you keep company 
with. Then we—
the brave 
and the free— 
will get back 
to the task 
of erasing 
your legacy 
of cruelty, 
your name for 
all history.
You’re rotten
to the bone,
and you will
end alone and
We’ll see to it
you steaming
clumps of...

(c) 2017, by Hannah Six

Image: Brocken Inaglory

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