Monday, June 12, 2017

Twelve Shooting Stars (Day 145)

Lazily undulating furrows stretch, 
an exotic love song, under 
the missing quarter moon
on this long and silky, rainy night. 
Twelve shooting stars will fall 
unseen, while Jupiter's 
murderous glow burns, fierce, behind 
the weary sky. Wandering, later, 
out to the fallow field, eyes still 
dreamy, breathing shallow, 
lightning barely flickers at the edge, 
the dozing sheep grow restive, 
mumbling their deepest fears to us, 
and one another. Deep blue ozone 
tints the balmy breath that gathers up 
the rain-slicked chestnut leaves, and 
whispers timeless secrets 
in our ears, to warm us on a distant 
winter night, when we'll dream 
of lullabies that only trees can hear.

(c) 2017, by Hannah Six

Photo: Chris Rand, Star falling into the aurora over the Kewaunee River, Wisconsin 

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