Friday, June 16, 2017

Outside Spearfish, SD (Day 149)


In the hills outside 
Spearfish, she turned 
her back 
on the way he 
held Belle Fourche,
like pinto ponies,
black and white, grazing 
in his hand. He motioned 
to her, but she shook 
her head, looked away, 
and said: 

“I used to believe,
when I was a girl, 
that so long as we 
had horses, the world 
would be okay. I wished 
for a Palomino 
back then, but now, 
my tastes 
have changed...”

Lifting his hand
to shade his eyes,
he couldn’t see how 
the sun caught 
his ring. An amethyst 
haze dimmed the valley, 
which stretched out 
beyond their ledge. 

Blue-sky eyes 
now cloud-rimmed,
his shoulders fell 
with an audible breath.
“We don't need 
to wait for answers,” 
he said, “Living so 
close to the edge.” 

(c) 2017, by Hannah Six

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