Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sad Story (Day 120)

When you say you say nothing 
new in all the best words under 
the sun blazing down like 
the wrath of that golden calf 
you pray to shimmering 
around your head 
a corona of mistruths disinformation 
fake news words we seem 
to have made up especially 
for you are a fox in the henhouse 
 which explains why 
feathers are finally flying 

away far away as fast as you can 
run away from home to some exotic 
land where a lovely girl will bury 
your head in the sand 
they'll hide you and never let 
us find 
you go 

and someday when you 
are dead and gone south 
people will sing songs 
about you and your gang 
like that one about DB Cooper 
who hijacked and jumped out 
of a plane only we all thought 
that story was really pretty cool 
he became a folk hero 
but no one is rooting for you

(c) 2017, by Hannah Six

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