Saturday, May 6, 2017

Each Moment (Day 108)

Photo: Sydchrismom

sip of hot     
    breath of balmy     
        brush of brown 
Harris tweed 
against your elbow 
    on the Metro
a glimpse of poetry 
in a book 
the middle-aged woman
seated next to you 
is reading    a few bars
of Mozart    an old 
recording    warm and 
    a little crackly in 
        the good way
a dog's floppy ear feels
sweetly warm 
    and silky when you run 
         it through your 
fingers    the merry dance 
of bubbles as you 
sip    prickling 
and sparkling    glow 
of blue twilight reflected
on fresh snow    and you 
pause    breathe   try 
to coax them into 
        just a little
             longer    but each 
is a 
    butterfly   alight 
on your shoulder or 
a song    seldom lasting 
yet always flowing 
into the next

(c) 2017, Hannah Six

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