Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Heart Like This (Day 113)


A Heart Like This

Behind the white hot burn 
bright love, blinding me to 
the bruises behind my eyes, 
a heart like this, that slithers 
rather than flips, puddling 
around me, a silk dress, slipped 
from my shoulders at the end 
of a long, sad-song day. 

In a pool, in my mind, 
soft wings of water wrapped 
around me like salvation, pure 
as polar runoff, and twice as blue,
eyes fixed on a sky the size 
of Texas, tightly laced by cedars 
soaring above the ridge, 
watching two bald eagles 
circling around spirals of circles, 
rising on Earth's warm exhalations, 
celebrating the completion 
of this year's nest.

Arms spread wide, watching 
the eagles gliding, it seems 
blue is the color of this afternoon, 
of the veins in my wrists, 
of his eyes, the color 
reflected by the crystal stream 
that flows beneath the bridge, 
where she once lay, 
when cottonwood tufts played,
on beams of honeyed light, 
and over which, with gentle step
she crossed once more today.

In loving memory of Katja, most beautiful kitty in the world,
whose joy, love, and friendship I was blessed with 
for more than 15 years.

(c) 2017, by Hannah Six

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