Friday, April 7, 2017

Red Delicious (Day 79)

Source: US Dept of Agriculture*

Red delicious, the color 
of fall, of the garnet ring 
I used to wear, dreaming 
myself into fathomless 
depths, where flashes 
of amber mingled with 
the sweetness 
of late summer 
cherries—the colors, 
I thought, of a midnight sky, 
viewed through a glass 
of Gamay. Or, perhaps, a Merlot...
No matter. 
I treasure the shawl, knit 
with my own grateful hands 
in a pattern of diamond lace. 
But the ring? One day 
a jeweler shattered the stone 
and replaced it with one 
dark as sin, and opaque 
as the heart of the long-ago man 
who presented it to me. 
So I pawned it. 
Now, by the fire, in my red 
woolen shawl, I consider 
the ring and the man
and I think:
Good riddance to all bad apples.

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