Saturday, April 1, 2017

On Hand-Washing Dishes During a Flare-Up (Day 73)


Under the hot water my hands 
feel better   bubbles enfolding
fingers and the muscular
swell at the base
of my thumb   three plates
done   each progressively heavier
tugging my hands 
toward the wide enamel
sink   the soapwater
maelstrom will suck each joint
gently through 
the drain and into the dark 
which eventually   I am told   surges
into the Chesapeake   there a cast
of immature blue crabs 
and a shimmering, darting school
of silversides will kiss
tickle peck nibble 
until nothing 
remains but a puzzle 
of porcelain bones.

(c) 2017, by Hannah Six

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