Saturday, April 29, 2017

Mystical Creatures (Day 101)

there is much to be said 
for awaiting in our own 
death a return to the hidden 

for how the fine dust 
of remembrance 
coats the innumerable images
of our decades   

preventing us from making out 
the fine brushwork and exquisite 
filigree embellishing the souls 
of the departed 
and those we hold 
captive in our memories
imprisoning them in our dreams

in vain we attempt 
to recapture the unsuspecting 
reminiscence hidden 
beyond the realm  
the reach of intellect

tapestries spread on the forest 
floor cushioned by centuries 
of leaves   paper-thin layers 
of sun and shade 
buoying us as we wait   

quietly yearning 
for that mystical creature 
whose appearance   we hope   
will endow us 
with the objects of our desire

only chance determines
whether we discover 
and tame the beast before 
we ourselves must die

(c) 2017, by Hannah Six

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