Saturday, March 4, 2017

Love Bloomed (Day 45)


Like an eternal break of day,
Sun perpetually dawning—
Forever new—love bloomed.
Like the silencing, in an instant,
Of a tumbling sea, love 
Frightened and astonished me.
Like seeing the mystery of 
Every summer that ever 
Beguiled the earth, revealed 
In a single resplendent smile, 
It delighted and inspired me.

Everything we know will, 
Some day, come to an end. 
Even death will be unable 
To escape itself. Still, 
Throughout my life, as I grow 
Old and wise—and beyond 
Even the end of the end—
My enchanted heart will always 
Whisper the name of my one, 
My truest love.

(c) 2017, by Hannah Six

While you'd never know it, I want to acknowledge that "Love Bloomed" was inspired, in a roundabout way, by the following untranslated poem. (I speak only a few words of Spanish,
but love how Becquér's language affected the rhythm and pacing of my lines.)

Podrá nublarse el sol eternamente;
Podrá secarse en un instante el mar;
Podrá romperse el eje de la tierra
Como un débil cristal.
¡Todo sucederá!
Podrá la muerte
cubrirme con su fúnebre crespón;
pero jamás en mí podrá apagarse
la llama de tu amor

Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

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