Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Lost and The Conquered (Day 38)

Photo: Votesmall via WikiMedia

The Lost and The Conquered

Downy sunshine 
reflects the white horizon 
mounds of prairie, green 
   as my people 
   as my old Chevy pickup

A war rages inside me
the lost and the conquered
   cleaning their guns
   claiming their ground
   watering their horses

Maybe this is the pale 
fish skimming the depths 
of my blood 
where I was conceived by 
the dry kiss of a reader 
who returned to his beloved

When the windows are dark 
I sense The Hills 
staining the horizon 
the well-packed bed 
   of my truck straining 
   toward the highway  
luring me, a willing virgin
at home in neither 
East nor West 
but in the middle states 
at ease
in the way 
the undulating wind 
becomes story 
    again and again

(c) 2017, by Hannah Six

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