Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sashiko (Day 33)


Summer among 
the thousand lakes, 
heat puddling 
in valleys, 
where glacier-cut mirrors 
reflect peaks 
striped with remnants 
of last winter's storms

You, stalking 
wild brown trout 
from the tree line, creeping 
around this, the first lake in, 
five miles from our car, 
which is ten miles 
from the paved highway, 
and (from there) another 
fifteen miles 
from the nearest 

I, kneeling on my 
flat rock,
at the base of our 
acorn-strewn campsite, 
wash the dust 
and sweat from my hair 
and cool my burning feet,
mindful of your progress
in relation to 
the setting sun

For hours, the blue 
of your shirt, 
threads the edge 
of the woods—
an elegant sashiko pattern—
and disappearing 
from view, 
until, as evening falls, 
you are no more 
than a small 
on the 
farthest shore 

(c) 2017, by Hannah Six

Photo: US Forest Service

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