Saturday, February 11, 2017

Coffee, cooling (Day 23)

Coffee, cooling (Day 23)
By Hannah Six

You, alone,
have been the
honeysuckle inspiration
the bee seeks
when hovering over
a gaudy red hibiscus.
Have you heard
her? That low
hum, fizzing
in the garden corner,
just below the breeze,
where our apricot tree
has been drenched
in light
since late morning.
Once, you approved
of mornings
spent lazily
paging through
the long minutes,
coffee cooling
on the teak table while
you searched
for your favorite
song. I like
to remember you
that way,
lately stunned by waking
into a new day, awkwardly
descending the stairs
in your old blue robe,
the one I found
last week, still
hanging at the back
of the coat closet,
where you
must have stored it
for the summer.
I wonder if you noticed
it was gone.
I wonder if you own
a new one, and whether
it will ever be
as comfortable.

(c) 2017, by Hannah Six

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