Monday, January 27, 2014

To Designers of Writing Apps Lacking Autosave Features (Poem 300)

To designers of writing apps 
lacking autosave features:

I want to tell you about a 
beloved poem, and 
my bereavement...
After struggling for hours 
to meet my self-imposed 
daily deadline, I spotted and 
captured the elusive 
poem I was hoping to meet. 
Long and glossy, it slithered  
around my words, curling 
and twisting, flicking them 
delicately with its tiny, forked 
tongue until they draped over
the page exactly as I desired.
Oddly enough, this very 
poem disappeared without 
even a pouf, when my fingertip 
slipped a millimeter and
--instead of 'copy', 
   tapped 'paste'.
In the brief moment it took for 
my heart to disconnect from 
my chest and fall to the carpet 
with a wet thump, my winding, 
spiraling, untamed poem slithered, 
in all its jewel-hued glory, back 
into the impenetrable jungle 
of my mind.

(c) 2014, by Hannah Six

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