Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sri Lanka* (Poem 292)

Serendipity: a silly schoolgirl dream
      to leave the pitted streets and
Ruled lines of my home, 
Intimately known through years
      of delicate fingering and tasting, 

Lingering like a deer at the 
      lapping edge of the floodwaters 
Never veering from the course I set    
      before I was me, 
      before I knew the searing 
Kiln of age 
      firing my bones, 
      the chill of condensation settling 
      like a scarf around my ankles,    
      almost (but never quite) 
      far enough

(c) 2014, by Hannah Six

*In response to an exercise suggested by Poet Carolyne Wright at a workshop in Auburn, Wa.

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