Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lone Star Angel (Poem 281)

Summer blazes above these clouds-- 
a sky so blue it cleaves the heart,
a sun so vast it fills the sky,
and puts all other stars to shame.

Beneath these clouds a thin life wavers,
laid, prone and lifeless, on a bed.
Her loved ones long to grant her wish,
for she is dead in all but name.

Oh, Lone Star, why enchain this angel,
and banish her to winter's gloom--
against the claims of summer's glory--
through laws so heartless, cold, and vain?

If the God  you worship recalled her
to his realm, there she should be.
Man's interference is her prison.
Would you a soul from Him detain?

Nature's miracles are superseded,
it appears, now by medicine;
but we, compassionate, can restore 
the balance to this foolish game.

Above these clouds a summer blazes.
Here, only kindness dispels the chill.
Some things are best not legislated--
the decision's theirs who bear the pain.

(c) 2014, by Hannah Six

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