Monday, January 20, 2014

Insomnia (Poem 293)

There are days when you want to talk, 
    but don't want anyone to hear 
    what you're saying, 
         when you want to share your writing
         without first having to edit your words, 
             when you want to sing, but don't 
             want people to hear the roughness 
             of your voice.
There are days when you climb in bed 
    exhausted, but don't want to sleep, 
         when you want to hide in your home, 
         but can't bear the thought that you might 
         miss something exciting, 
             when you feel the cold deep 
             in your bones, but resist the weight 
             of the warm brown blanket.
There are days when someone waits 
    for you, but you are unwilling to hurry, 
        when your belly gurgles and groans 
        with hunger, but you cannot bring yourself 
        to swallow food, 
            when you dream that you've awakened,
            and then, upon waking, find that your life 
            was nothing more than a sweet dream all 
            along, and that you have suddenly 
            developed insomnia.

(c) 2014, by Hannah Six

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