Saturday, December 28, 2013

Exercise in Pertinence (Poem 270)

Vikings rule 1.3 million

Newtown file yields big moments

Rapper activists lose union faith calendar

Department of More to credit hackers
     with health care law 

Bollywood actor bridging worlds, trekking 
     to own problems

Prep boys' jobless benefits unsure 

'Unseemly' grave marker downgrades

Vandals give rapper activists a chance 

Syrian airstrike defined for families by
     U.S. boy 

Front-porch judge OKs avalanches at
     Kennedy Center

High-stakes tightrope walker activates
     'vote no' rally

Firms see crack packers ministering to

(c) 2013, by Hannah Six

What is this? Well, simply put, it's word play! I excerpted the first two words from each of today's headlines*, and edited the results a tiny bit. This type of exercise often yields interesting results...

*found here:

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