Friday, November 15, 2013

Fraught With Danger (Poem 227)

The path is narrow 
and fraught with danger. 
A cascade of tiny, five-petaled 
yellow flowers pouring down 
a rough-and-tumble stone 
fence, threatens the heart 
with memories of a bright spring 
day by a snow-swollen river. 
The vivid pastels of a rainbow 
glimpsed unexpectedly during 
a mid-storm sun break, glowing 
against graphite and white clouds, 
puts one in peril of recalling 
dreams of a future once promised, 
but perhaps not received. 
And, most dangerous of all,
the intricate imbroglio of
improvised jazz, framed 
by the undulating rustle of voices 
and staccato ring of glass and silver,
educing one glimpse of love 
so enduring, so captivating, 
that a heart, once entangled-- 
having slipped off the narrow 
path of indifference--would surely 
remain ensnared for all time.

(c) by Hannah Six

Photo: Stan Shebs

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