Thursday, September 12, 2013

Choose (Poem 163)

You, with the complicated eyes, 
hiding in a sweater three sizes 
too big, come out and play. 
Learn how to say: Yes! 
I want   to, 
and: No. 
I'd rather   not.

Dive into your life--
the water is fresh and clear
apples are tart and crisp 
and the wind roars 
like an arctic train on a 
Pacific cliff-top in December
making your blood rush
helter-skelter through your veins.

This world is yours:
Come out and play.
Learn to say: Yes! 
I choose   this 
and: No. 
I don't choose   that. 
Learn to stand up and believe in 
what you believe--and say 
so, even when 
they don't want 
to hear. You'll be okay.

to play, want 
to work, 
to stay inside or 
slip out, maybe. It's okay 
to soak in a steaming bath 
at three o'clock 
in the morning 
     it's okay to choose 
     it's okay to want to 
okay to not want to. 
This    is yours, 
this     is the prize 
for being (re)born into this 
world where 
get to 

(c) 2013, by Hannah Six

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