Saturday, August 31, 2013

Reminding Me (Poem 151)

There are days 
when sunlight 
comes bursting through 
my shades, shattering 
the twilight dawn,
reminding me of you.

There are nights 
when moonlight 
slips beneath my door 
and glows 
like phosphorescence
on a distant shore, 
peacock blue and balmy,
reminding me of you.

There are dreams 
where palm leaves rustle 
in the dark, a song 
swings, its unctuous rhythm 
marked by the spark and 
glitter of stars, and we 
find a lazy sway and 
wind our sighs around the 
crystal breath of falling dew--
these reveries, my nights and days,
reminding me of you.

(c) 2013, by Hannah Six


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